News you can use: we are mixing our album this week. It's ten tracks of lusciousness, made ever lusher by Jeff. That's all we can tell you.

This weekend (Saturday, November 18) we're playing Seattle for the first time--how is this possible? We'll be playing an all ages @ Fusion Cafe (part of the Vera Project @ 909 4th Ave), with Math and Physics Club, Boat, and The Lonely Forest. If you're in the area, come!

We're revisiting the site of our first last show (before Nicholas moved to New York and then returned) by playing Tonic Lounge this Thursday (November 16). If you like pop, this is the one for you. Lineup includes Boston band Bon Savants.

New t-shirts are up on the website now! Get 'em while they're hot!!!

*current best song ever: "the sound of free" by dennis wilson


We are heading down south to California and the Southwest, with the stated agenda of rocking some faces off. Along the way, we will also be eating lots of things and seeing important landmarks and spending time with friends. Should you like to participate in any of the above, please get in touch. Also, if you know of a weird thing we should eat in a specific city, a local specialty of sorts, please let us know. We like to eat. Or at least Heather does. And then she finishes Nick's too. But we digress. Come see one of our shows, man! We've got some new songs, new gear, new tricks. You're gonna like it.

Here are the shows: 9/1- Chico, CA @ 1078 Gallery
9/3- San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
9/4- Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
9/7- Mesilla, NM @ Bean
9/9- Austin, TX @ Emo's

If you're in the Austin area, we'll be on Ear Candy on 91.7 FM KOOP, Saturday, September 9, 5-7PM.

Of course, we will be blogging about everything.


I can feel it; fall's knocking at the door. Just outside the practice space we have a jungly profusion of tomatoes in a race against time to ripen before the sun weakens. The neighbor kids stole the King Tomato, the only non-cherry variety that had almost ripened. After much harassment, they silently returned it, a bit smashed. I wish I knew the course that tomato took while it was being held hostage by the bike brigade.

Guess what? We finished our new record! Or at least finished the scary part. Now it's just tweaks and trims, bells and whistles. It should be officially done late fall and released...we don't know yet. Records work in mysterious ways.

Among all the toil, we have been having loads of fun.

1. Office's first anniversary was one of the best parties of the year. Kelly and Tony have hit on a marketable equation: Free gifts + free fancy drinks + free band = very happy guests.

2. We went to Canada again two weekends ago. We stuffed ourselves on amazing sushi and I bought more illegal sunscreen, sunscreen perv that I am. After that, we rocked the Lamplighter. Nick begged onstage for a marriage proposal in order to gain citizenship, and we had a bizarre heckler, who evidently was just using us for warm-up. (Later, she stormed the stage and threw makeshift confetti all over the Invisible Eyes). Then, we got to visit gorgeous Penticton in the bountiful Okanogan Valley. I plan to set up a bunker there as soon as possible, should the shit hit the fan. Wait...has that already happened?

3. We DJed at Saucebox the other night. We had an excellent time; many thanks to all the people who showed up. Hall and Oates, surprisingly, was the biggest hit with the crowd. Philly soul bringing down the hizzouse.

4. We are preparing for tour, which starts in Chico Sept 1st and then hits San Francisco Sept 3rd at the Hemlock Tavern. We'll get as far as Austin, a new locale for both of us. I have committed to tour blogging again, whether you like it or not.

*current best song ever: "everything and more" by dolly mixture


We are setting up a September tour of the West, Southwest and Western Midwest. We are still confirming dates, which will be posted very, very soon.

In other news, we have a few fun, unusual shows coming up.

8/10 One of the coolest stores in town, Office, is holding their first anniversary party, and have kindly asked us to entertain. We are playing at 7:00 PM.

8/11 We will be playing with The R.A.D.I.O. and the Invisible Eyes at the Lamplighter in Vancouver, BC. This doesn't fall in the unusual category, just the fun one.

8/22 We will be DJ-ing at Saucebox, spinning our own record collection as a part of a series called "We're Not Dee-jays." Saucebox is beautiful, with amazing food and my favorite drink ever, called simply, "the best."

8/27 Heather will be reading fiction and Eux Autres will be performing at Phase One: Words and Music at the Towne Lounge in Portland.

Work continues on the new record. No, it is not like Snuffleupagus. You'll see. It's real and it's nearly finished!!

We're working hard, not hardly working, and it's all for you my pretties. Come see us or drop us a line.

*current best song ever: "jealous guy/don't let me down" by claudine longet


Tour starts tomorrow in San Francisco and we're getting ready to leave. Just a couple quick notes before we leave:

We've added a Philadelphia show on June 21 and The Standard Tap. The full schedule is available on the tour page.

We'll be blogging from the road. Be sure to check it out.

Hope to see all of you soon...

*current best song ever: "better things" by the kinks


After several weeks of unbearably sunny weather, rain has returned, with vigor, to the Northwest. I know, it's shocking. I'm sorry for cursing you, Sun. I even ordered that hard-core sunscreen that's highly illegal in the US. Can you give me another chance? It's almost June and the heat is on in my house. And I mean that literally, not in the Don Henley sense. Can you get satellite radio up there? If so, you surely know the song of which I speak. Listen and get inspired.

Nevermind. I'm mad at you.

We at Eux Autres Central can make our own sunshine, can't we? Good things are coming out our ears. To wit: 1) We're practicing like fiends (not friends--NEVER friends!) for our impending tour, which begins in San Francisco June 8th. 2) Our record is coming out in about a week. Yay Grenadine! 3) The record-in-progress is totally coalescing, in an eerie goosebump sort of way. 4) The world premiere of The Shee Bee Gees (my other band, in which I also drum/sing) went off last Tuesday with nary a hitch. 5) A man who performed "Taking it to the Streets" in total earnestness has been crowned America's favorite singer, our new Idol. Between Taylor and that Anderson Cooper fellow, gray is looking awfully S-E-X-Y.

Hey, come join us at one of our shows in June. And bring a friend. We'll make it worth your while. No, not like that.

See the shows page for dates and venues.

If you are unable to make it to a show, fear not. We will be blogging and posting pics from the road.

*current best song ever: "honesty is no excuse" by thin lizzy


Just a little update to let you know that Heather will be on WESU 88.1 FM, Middletown, CT, next Thursday (April 20) at 11:30 PM ET. She'll be a guest on Girls Can Tell (probably the best sixties girl group radio show we've ever heard), spinning some of her favorite girl group records. The show can be heard via radio waves in Connecticut, or streaming live on the web at For questions, requests, and past playlists, check out DJ Mike Caramba's page.

We're putting the finishing touches on the June tour dates and will post them soon.

In other news, the New York Metropolitans have the best record in baseball, and I couldn't be happier. The offense is amazing and the pitching is solid. Now I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but I'm predicting 100+ wins and a world series sweep.

*current best song ever: "sadie" by the fun and games


When Kitty smiles, the world stands still. I see a thousand golden daffodils.

The daffodils are blooming in the yard at Eux World Headquarters. The lion-like spring brought a snowstorm last week and nearly killed the poor things.

Spring is when babies are born, and we are making a baby, too. A French-Canadian baby. Eux Autres and Grenadine records (Montreal) have joined forces to release Hell Is Eux Autres to an international audience. The record will be released in early June, with expanded artwork and lyrics. This will be followed by a Tour in June. We are setting up dates and will post them soon. We will be visiting our brothers and sisters to the North as well. The East in June and the West in July.İLookİforİmoreİmoreİsongs, more shows,İmore shirts, more rock!

The new album is coming along like a good caramel. Slow but well worth it. Heather is taking a month-long, what shall we call it?--"artist residency"--in Iowa in order to eat steak and write lyrics.

Heather's other project, the Shee Bee Gees, are preparing for their debut at the Loggernaut Anniversary Party. Four girls, four part harmonies, some of the best pop songs ever written.

We've set up flickr page so we can post more pictures, more frequently. There are some new pics up there now with more to follow...check it out.

This season on American Idol, it seems the standard issue "I'm feeling it" move is to squat with your legs spread. What gives? Bucky does it best, but even the girls are busting it out.

*current best song ever: "looking for the magic" by dwight twilley band


We hope you're all starting the new year right. 2006 arrived just as Heather was being dropped on her head by a handsome dance partner. Nick's injuries--more head trauma--didn't arrive until the next morning, so he spent the first day of the year watching E True Hollywood Story and eating greasy food. Despite our initial stumblings, we have big designs for the coming year. All this week, we are working hard in the studio with two beautiful cats--and of course Jeff, the man behind the curtain, the all-powerful Oz. Things are going swimmingly.

In the spirit of the holiday season, and in the tradition of families across America, we have created a holiday e-card as a way of saying "thank you for being a friend"...and well, "happy new year."

Being fans of New Year's resolutions, we've made some: Heather wants to start lifting weights (in order to be generally more intimidating) and to take her calcium (in order to stay that way for the long haul). And to lose her keys less often. Nick's plans include finally kicking his crippling steroid habit and catching every minute of this summer's World Cup (even while on tour). But our most important resolution of all is to make a killer second album.

This year will also bring a soon-to-be announced label relationship and a summer tour. And an Eux Autres cereal. And an Eux Autres Trapper Keeper. More on those later.

Illustrator/cartoonist/animator Scott Bateman recently created an animation for our song "Ecoutez Bien." It is very cool and you should go check it out right now. It is part of a project he is working on in which he creates an animated piece every day for a year. A YEAR! We find that pretty amazing.

Just a reminder--a brand new set of five buttons for five dollars (how tidy), shipping included. The set has five separate designs one of which is a picture of our mascot, Smolli the Beagle, who is still going strong after an entire decade of impossibly neurotic behavior.

-nicholas & heather
*current best song ever: "ageless beauty" by stars


We've just added a set of 1" buttons to the shop. Five different designs! Something for everyone! Check 'em out.

Work on the new album continues...Jeff is working his magic and seeking the perfect placement for vibraslap...still shooting for January completion.

Has anyone seen the American version of The Office? I never thought I'd say it, but it's pretty good. It's growing on me. Still nowhere near the original...but it seems to be developing its own personality.

*current best song ever: "something to say" by the action


Well, we're back from our one-off in Omaha at the fabulous Goofy Foot, just a block from our Mom's pad, which made for an easy transport and ability to borrow our brother's drums. Our late August session at Jackpot yielded some excellent tracks, the foundation for the album, which will likely be finished very early next year. We just got a batch of Eux Autres buttons, which Nicholas will get up on the site in the very near future. And I got a new-old gold sparkly snare drum from the rad folks at Trade-up music (thanks Sara!). If you're in Portland and not shopping there, you're a nutjob.

Also, if you haven't seen the great movie Dig!, you're really missing out. Does not matter if you like Brian Jonestown or the Dandies (I'm indifferent to both). Anton BJM is full of brilliant one-liners and nonsequitors. You WILL watch it twice.

Fall is descending, and you know what that means...pensive love songs. Right now the harmonies of the Mamas and the Papas are killing me.



It was brought to my attention that the links to the mp3s (on the right side of this page and others) were broken. Well, I fixed them and I think they're working. Happy downloading!



Last night I rushed home from yoga to watch Tommy Lee Goes to College, the intersection of two things of interest--Nebraska and Motley Crue (Motley Crue's The Dirt being one of my favorite trash-books). It was disappointing because of the obviously contrived situations, but i appreciate that the show isn't hell bent on ridiculing Nebraska. In the meantime, if you want a glimpse into that guy's psyche, read The Dirt. I plowed through it in 2 1/2 days.

Our "tour" was a blast. Nick was a machine, driving the entire length of Oregon and California without a peep of complaint. San Diego was the single best show we've ever played, mostly thanks to the enthusiasm in the air. Chico was even more welcoming. My purse was stolen during a show in LA, along with Nick's camera, so our last-ditch tour photos suck. As usual, only the ones of animals turned out.

If you live down under and don't want to pay outrageous shipping to get our record sent from the northern hemisphere, we've got great news for you...Book Club Records is now selling Hell Is Eux Autres in Australia! Go check 'em out!

The Chico News & Review was kind enough to interview us before our August 5 show. You can read the article on their website.

Well, we are home safe and going into Jackpot Studios in seven days. Godspeed!

*current best song ever: "everything's gonna be alright" by p.p. arnold


We're pleased to announce that we've added a second Los Angeles date to our itinerary. More info can be found on the shows page.



We are working on our record, and trying to learn some of the new songs for our upcoming jaunt down the coast to play a few shows in San Diego, LA, and Chico (starting this weekend!). We were originally calling this the Californication Tour, until we were informed that another band had already used that name...and that three dates isn't really a tour anyway.

We are also thrilled to be playing our excellent hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, on September 1st. We will eat a kielbasa and drink a malt for those of you who can't be there.

We recently did an interview with an English mag, Save Your Wisdom Teeth, which we will transcribe just as soon as the copies arrive.

Hope your summer is going as well as ours--the weather is beautiful, recording dates are set for the end of August, and the Mets have won 6 of 7.

*current best song ever: "darling, be home soon" by the lovin' spoonful


Summer is here and we're looking to hit the ground running. We're working on new songs and are scheduled to record at the end of August. We've got our first show in months on July 10, at Doug Fir in Portland. We're also working on playing some more west coast shows this summer, so stay tuned!

*current best song ever: "nights on broadway" by the bee gees


We have an excellent new practice space, in which the label "garage band" has moved from figurative to literal. We are downwind from the Nabisco factory, and the smell of chocolate chip cookies provides a homy olfactory backdrop as we write our second record.

Current song obsession: Aislers Set "Mary's song." Specifically the line that starts "Julie, Julie, Jules, can I have a whiskey cause she got in the car and she never came home." Jonathan Safran Foer said at a recent reading that he listens to Dolly Parton's "I will always Love You" every day before he writes, in order to be emotionally cracked open. It reminds me it's crucial to getİyour heart broken on a regular basis, if not by humans, then by a song.



We recently put up a myspace, um, space...or profile...or whatever it's called. Photos, songs, and other fun stuff. If you do the myspace thing, befriend us!!

*current best song ever: "need your love" by status quo


Happy April, everyone! Spring is in the air, we have a great new practice space at Heather's new place, and the Mets have already blown a ninth inning lead. What more could you ask for?

*current best song ever: "standing in the shadows of love" by the four tops


We recently did an interview with, which they now have up on their site. They were also kind enough to post an English version.



Magic Marker Records released a compilation last week called House Full of Friends. You should definitely check it out. I'm not just saying that because we're on it. It's really very good. Two CDs with lots of great bands like The Shins, The Decemberists, The Thermals, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Mates of State, The Minders, and many, many others. And a number of these are unreleased tracks. More info can be found here.