"One of the more exciting independent releases of the year...a veritable cult classic."
Under The Radar

"[Eux Autres] have created one of the most addictive indie-pop records of 2004. That this is the duo's first full album is scary, because these guys have crazy potential."
Delusions of Adequacy

"8 out of 10. Simple but smart pop...very infectious. While all of the songs are highlights and could carry most albums, 'Partick Nil' is hard not to put on repeat. C'est tres good!"
Pop Matters

"Hell Is Eux Autres turned out to be one of the most energetic, lighthearted and listenable albums I've heard all summer. Even their handclaps have sass! The prog rock and toy piano of "Partick Nil" and the time signature f***ery of "Carolina!" mark Eux Autres as a band worth keeping an eye on. "Wind and Windows" is one of the sweetest and most complex ballads I've heard in months...Keep it coming."

"One of the best albums of the year."
Junkmail (Brazil)

"Hell is Eux Autres overcomes those similarities [to other duos] with pop savvy and '60s Euro-minded esthetics so catchy it almost hurts. The handclaps and backing "yeahs!" of "The Sundance Kid" carry the type of pop song perfectly suited to spinning out from a crusty garage sale 45. Eux Autres come off as the cool weird kids down the block who you've always wanted to hang out with."
FFWD Weekly (Calgary)

"It's their handclap-heavy rhythms, deadpan boy/girl vocals and twee melodic charm that elevate Eux Autres from being just another garage-pop duo. "Other Girls" is an instant classic, seemingly salvaged from a long-lost Vaselines demo."
Eye Weekly (Toronto)

"Completely smashing!"
Magasin Magazine (France)

"A standout album. Clever, catchy tunes, precocious without being pretentious, and sweetly esoteric without coming across as elitist. Eliciting comparisons to [Belle & Sebastian], with a touch of early 60s French pop thrown in, Eux Autres have a strong pop sound characterized by call-and-response choruses, harmonies, and simple, catchy drum and guitar lines."
The Spill Magazine (Toronto)

"This interesting blend of French Pop and Garage Rock is extremely enjoyable thanks to the great harmonies and fantastic beats that are comparable to both Belle and Sebastian and Sleater-Kinney. Never dull and always cool, Eux Autres have struck gold with their first full-length release."
Erasing Clouds

Hell is Eux Autres is that king of rough-at-the-edges-soft-in-the-middle indiepop records that stays with you for longer than you may have expected, and is indeed one of the most peculiar indiepop records of 2004."

"[Eux Autres] back it all up with crisp guitar pop that incorporates every great trick short of the kitchen sink. Handclaps, call-and-response vocals, mad reverb - you name it. Hell isn't Eux Autres, heaven is."
75 or Less

"I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing [Eux Autres] correctly, but here they are anyway..."
John Peel, BBC Radio1

"If Truffaut were still alive and remade "L'amour en Fuit," the bouncy pop of Portland duo Eux Autres would weigh in heavily on the soundtrack. It's a real brother-and-sister duo, with Nicholas Larimer playing jangly guitar and sis Heather on drums. Both let loose crisp summer-tone melodies on their debut album, "Hell Is Eux Autres." Handclaps are a given, and yes, much is in French. We have no idea what's being said half the time, but, hey, they still rule."
Willamette Week (Portland, Ore.)

"[Eux Autres'] French influence is obvious...but the band's love for American indie rock is undeniable...Slower tracks such as "Wind & Windows" are perfection and display the power of Heather's voice. Music like this has been made for years, but as long as there are acts like Eux Autres around, it will continue to remain enjoyable."

"Hovering somewhere between a high-school French-class assignment and Thee Headcoats is the debut single from this Portland, Ore., duo....The brother sister team plays three chord garage pop that hangs on a raunchy guitar line and crisp production from Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi)."
MAGNET Magazine